Welcome to International Youth Fire Fighters camp Eldis 22!

Welcome to International Youth Fire Fighters camp Eldis 22!

Eldis 22: July 3–9, 2022 at Malmi airport

Welcome to the International Youth Fire Fighters camp!

We are expecting thousands of young fire fighters and their instructors to the camp. Campers will learn new fire fighter skills, have unforgettable moments and meet new friends. This event will be arranged by a tremendous number of volunteers.


Participants can perform various courses from Finnish young fire fighters training system.

Camp life

The camp is like a small city, where we will have for instance grocery store, coffee shop, even a small hospital and of course fire brigade. Instead of living in apartment buildings accommodation is in the tents.


Join the camp, if you are 7 to 17 years old young fire fighters or an adult instructor. We are expecting 500 international and over all 4000 campers.

Free time

In addition to training, campers will spend a lot of free time with old and new friends and take part of versatile leisure activities.

Volunteer work

The camp organisation will consist of more than a thousand volunteers, led by the Chief of the camp supported by the Camp Committee.


The event is international and we will have campers from varios countries i.e. Germany, Russia and Chech.

Eldis 22 Camp invites all international youth fire brigades to gather in the camp summer 2022!

When: Eldis 22 will be held on July 3rd -9th, 2022.

Where: The camp will be held in Helsinki-Malmi airport, just under 20 km from the city centre of Helsinki.

For whom: The camp is for young fire fighters from the age of 7 and their instructors. We are expecting 500 international campers and overall approximately 4000 participants.

Participation fee: 170 €/ participant.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @palokuntaleirit for more information, also you can find our official website at www.eldis22.fi.

More information.

Jaana Rantanen, Chief of international affairs, jaana.rantanen@eldis22.fi or +358 40 124 4974
Valtteri Tervala, Project manager, Valtteri.tervala@eldis22.fi or +358 50 530 5124

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