Campers equality and safety

Campers equality and safety


Equal opportunities for enjoying at the camp.

Everyone can contribute to equality through their actions

Equality is one of the most important values ​​in Eldis 22. It is important that every camper promotes equality and security. Everyone has the right to attend the camp, participate to activities organized there and to be heard and seen as themselves without a fear of discrimination. It is important that every camper promotes equality and security.

Preventing bullying and tackling hate speech are closely linked to equality work. The principles of a safer space have been developed for the camp and every camper must commit to them.

Principles of safer space and instructions for good manners at the camp

Be open.

Approach new topics and people at the camp with an open-minded mind. Take every emerging issue and situation as an opportunity to learn new things and develop.

Respect everyone’s self-determination and do not make assumptions about for example  gender, background, or family relationships of others.


Give others a chance to be themselves. Give others space and pay attention to your choice of words.

Respect each person’s personal integrity. Don’t touch others without permission.

Handle with care and respect the property of the camp or other fire brigades. If something breaks, report it to the persons responsible for the property.


If you witness any form of harassment or other inappropriate behavior, do not remain a silent observer. Intervene and address the situation and/or ask someone to help intervene in the situation.

You can also contact a Safe Adult of the camp.

Be active.

Take care of the tasks given to you and help others if necessary. Follow the camp schedules.

Deliver any lost property to the lost-and-found office.

Act responsibly.

Take only the amount of food you can eat. Wash your dishes and cutlery thoroughly.

Take care of the environment and sort your waste.


The camp is meant to be a place where you can have fun and learn new things. It is also allowed to do mistakes, ask questions and ask for help!

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Act like this if you experience or notice harassment.

1. Intervene.

Tell the harasser that her/ his behavior feels sad and ask her/ him to stop.

2. Leave the situation

You have the permission to leave. 


If the harassment is directed to someone else, help her/ him get out of the situation.

3. Tell instructors or trainers or other trusted adults

Tell what happened and who was there.

Source: Väestöliiton Et ole yksin -aineisto

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